Our investment structure in the Nordics is getting attention!

Helix Ice was relaunched in January 2021 after recognizing a need for the Nordic NPL – Non-performing Loan market, to enable new types of business solutions and investment collaborations.

And our first years have been a success story in which we have connected our investors and the sellers of NPL portfolios around the Nordic region in deals worth + 160 MEUR. 

We have administrated the launch of four different SPV:s and have during 2022 noticed a much bigger attention regarding the Nordic NPL Market from different international investors. 

We keep a share of about 80-85% of our deals value in the Bank & Finance segment and 15-20% in the Telecom segment. Looking at the deal pipeline for 2023 and the dialogues that are taking place right now, we believe that the Bank & Finance segment in the Nordic region can have some very interesting opportunities for investors as a lot of banks are looking to sell of their NPL portfolios in One Offs or Forward Flows and now also with much lower prices on the portfolios compared to recent years.

We see challenges when it comes to the collection rates in a near future due to the macroeconomic situation but are confident to collect in line with our long-term forecasts and together with our Nordic service partners we look in to different type of activities to keep the contact with the debtors.

Feel free to contact us for a dialogue regarding the NPL market in the Nordic region.

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