Nordic Market Overview, half year report H2 2023

Stockholm 2023-11-23
Market overview: We at Helix Ice continue to share our knowledge regarding the latest trends and business information for the Nordic NPL market.

In our last NMO we had a cliffhanger about that July started really well. We helped our investors to win home both Forward flow an On Off deals just before the summer vacation started and after that we have had a very interesting autumn when it comes to new business opportunities.

The Nordic NPL market continue to be the buyer’s market and we have seen several examples now the last year of sellers adjusting their expectations and accepting a lower price on portfolios than before. The forecasted NPL volumes, especially in the bank & finance segment, for the coming 12 months in the Nordics are on really high levels and our last business trip to London gave us similar information regarding most of the other European markets as well. We can now also see that potential co-investors are ready to invest in the Nordics on single digit level when it comes to expectations regarding the annual percentage rates. Intrum have left a handful of their European markets and are now in the phase of leaving more markets and to focus even more on debt collection servicing, Kredinor is mentioned as one of the buyers that now are adjusting their FF contracts. With a couple of the bigger players taking a step back it opens up for others to make some great deals and for new investors to step into the Nordics. Very interesting future, we would say.

Collection forecast is still met in most of the deals, but we absolutely see the effect of the macro-economic situation across the Nordics and are working closely with our servicing partners to find the best way forward to keep up the contact with our debtors. 

Please feel free to contact us for more dialogues and opportunities around the Nordic NPL market, we love to share our knowledge.

Have a great Christmas shopping!

/COO, Johan Gustafsson

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