Nordic Market Overview, H1 2023

Stockholm 2023-03-27

Nice to be right!

Market overview:

We all read the news about Hoist and Lowell making a big deal in the Nordics and that now Hoist are entering the market. Nice to be right as we at Helix Ice already last year indicated that something was about to happen around Hoist. Hoist entering the Nordic market with this type of investment is a positive signal that it will be some fun years head in the Nordic market with new investors to follow. We at Helix Ice welcomes that development and we also think that we during 2023 will see more new players entering the Nordic market. 

Is it a good time to invest in the Nordics? That’s a question which we received more often the last months and our clear answer to that is YES! We currently have a market in the Nordics with a lot of NPL portfolios for sale and especially when it comes to consumer credits. 

Is it a good time to sell of NPL portfolios in the Nordics? It´s a YES! to that as well at least if you have some quality NPL portfolios to sell. The price levels might not be on the same high levels as you could get before the pandemic but there is still a good chance that you can attract enough interested buyers in an auction round and get a nice price level.

Looking at the current cash flow from different investments made and talking to other in our business, we still see that debtors are struggling to keep up their payment plan and voluntary solutions are decreasing. Both Sweden and Finland have also adjusted the amount in the legal process that a debtor can keep and that have given a negative effect on the cash flow.  Despite that the return of investments in the Nordic remains on a decent level and when you invest in the Nordics you can be sure that you will have a steady cash flow which can be used to re-invest in new portfolios.

Parts of the Helix Ice team will also attend the SmithNovak NPL Europe 2023 and we are really looking forward to meet up with our business colleagues from the industry.

NPL Europe 2023 (

Please feel free to contact us for more dialogues and opportunities around the Nordic NPL market.

/COO, Johan Gustafsson

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