May recipe

Recipe of the month – May, we celebrate Norway and Norwegian investments!

We are very proud of our Nordic region and to be a part of developing that further with enable new types of business solutions and investment collaborations. Our expertise is NPL portfolios in the Nordics, but we also like to enjoy the Nordic way of living and in that good food is a cornerstone. Each month we will give you our “Recipe of the month” that is something with a Nordic touch that can help you with some extra energy to you and your business. 

May and Norway celebrate 17th of May – their National Day and they are really good to celebrate that day. We would like to highlight that beautiful country and their traditions this month by sharing some recipes on what to eat during their National Day.

At the same time we would like to share the happy news that we during 2023 helped out on a first investment in Norway and we see a lot of potential for more of that.

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