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My experience at Global ABS 2024: a journey through the world of structured finance

Ever heard of the Global ABS conference? It’s the powerhouse event for structured finance professionals, and I was thrilled to attend this year’s edition in Barcelona. For 28 years, this event has been the go-to place for professionals looking to network, learn, and make deals. With around 5,000 attendees and 100 exhibitors, the conference offered […]

September update – Swedish household economics overview

Understanding Household Debt in Sweden In recent years, Sweden has seen significant developments in its economic landscape, particularly in the realm of household debt. This blog post provides an overview of key reports and statistics, shedding light on the current state of affairs in Sweden’s financial sector. SCB: Labour Force Surveys The Labour Force Surveys […]

Helix Ice at NPL Europe 2023

One month ago Helix Ice attended the annual NPL Europe conference which was organised by Smith Novak in London. It was a great opportunity to meet other people from the industry, both investors, branch colleagues and technology experts. We always strive to stay up to date with relevant current technology developments and the hottest trend […]

September recipe – summer ending BBQ

To get the most out of the ending Nordic summer we would like to propose a weekend BBQ for the family. With the beginning of fall we get a lot of delicious food from the woods like mushrooms, berries and if you’re lucky to have a hunter in the family you might get some great […]

Mixed macro trends in Sweden August 2022

There are mixed sentiments in the public opinion and the current stats from job market figures and household savings in Sweden. On the positive side we can see that the unemployment rate is low, 6,4% in July which is 1,6 percent points lower than the previous year. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for the same […]

Market effects from Russia invading Ukraine

We have all followed the horrible actions in Ukraine the past two plus months and hope it will come to an end soon. The invasion has affected us in different ways, some more than other of course with millions of people fleeing their home country not knowing where they’ll end up or for how long […]

Continuous growth in the unsecured consumer loans in Sweden

New report from SCB showing an average growth just over 5,5% annually between 2010 and 2021 in the unsecured consumer loans in Sweden – the niche banks have contributed with 63% of the total growth and are the fastest growing category in the market. The total outstanding debt is now adding up to 273 billion […]

Retail expectations highest in a decade while household economics expectations in decline and new record in number of Swish transactions in a day

Retail indicator from the Swedish National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) is at its highest point since 2010 and has been climbing a lot since the pandemic hit and it is now at its highest point since 2010. If we look at the past 6 months it has increased with 7,3% which gives an optimistic […]